Goodbye Business as Usual: Rethinking My Career for the Climate

It took me several years to understand the issues and consequences of climate change. My dreams and goals in life have changed as a result. I realized that this is not a “separate issue”, a “cause that concerns only a few people”. I am beginning to take action to have a career more appropriate to the challenges of climate change. It’s time for me to come out as an eco-conscious person and express what it means for my professional future.

I acknowledge that these commitments are easier for me to keep than for others, given my personal situation and my industry. I may one day give up on these commitments if I am in need, but I rather intend to strengthen them. My aim is to be part of the solution and build a better future, instead of perpetuating the problem. Who knows, I may go further and branch out from tech completely in the future.

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