Hi! I'm Jeremy Greze.

Product Manager in Paris

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I've been at Dataiku for 6 years, currently as a Product Manager. Dataiku is a unicorn startup founded in Paris that offers an Artificial Intelligence software for enterprises, and a cool free edition for individuals. You can find on my blog stuff I learned professionally.

I like to build things, in particular websites and tech products. One example is my side project Sheet.chat, and others are on the projects page. I am a self-taught coder, and I studied a wide variety of fields, from mathematics and economics to marketing.

For 2020, I have a project related to data and privacy. Technology and machine learning have changed our lives, and everyone wonders if what we see in (scary) movies can happen in real life. Just like you, I don't like it when my personal data is shared with third parties around the world. As professionals working in the tech sector, what can we do?

Best ways to get in touch are on Twitter at @jeremy_gr or via email at . You can also find me on LinkedIn and Github.