Hi! I'm Jeremy Greze.

Product Manager & Solopreneur in Paris

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I work 80% of my time as a Director of Program Management at Dataiku, a startup founded in Paris that develops an Artificial Intelligence software. I'm into product management, analytics, and UX.

I like to build things, in particular tech products that are useful for people. One example is my side project Sheet.chat, and others are on the projects page. I am a self-taught coder, and I studied a wide variety of fields, from mathematics and economics to marketing.

I occasionally make myself available for contract work and consultancy.

On a more individual level, I try to act against the climate crisis. I wish the tech professionals would be more aware and proactive on this topic. I am willing to devote some of my time, write me if you have any suggestions. And please don't buy bitcoins.

Best ways to get in touch are on Twitter at @jeremy_gr or via email at .